How it Works

Picking your images for your wedding album can become one of the biggest things that you keep putting off again and again and then you start feeling guilty about it, but there is no need to.

The main problem that I see is that now-a-days couples become overwhelmed because they have hundreds of images to choose from.

The secret is breaking your day down into chapters (mini stories i.e Bridal Prep, Arrival at Church, Group shots etc) and then picking images for each chapter. Some chapters will be more important than others so these images will need to be bigger and have fewer images per spread.


Here is a step by step process of how your album will probably come together:

  1. Make the first rough cut by eliminating the images that you don’t like.
  2. Choose all your ‘Hero Shots’ that must go into the album.
  3. Decide how many spreads you would like in your album to cover each chapter. A spread is an open book in front of you with the left hand page and the right hand page equaling one spread. The average album would contain between 15-25 spreads.
  4. Go through your images again and choose more images that you would like to go into the album but don’t necessarily need to be in it and then total all the images that you have picked.
  5. Calculate the average images per spread (Number of images / Spreads = Average images per spread). We would recommend roughly 6 images per spread for story books and 4-5 for matted albums.
  6. If you are happy with the average images per spread that you have calculated then that is the sorting finished. If it’s going to be too cramped then increase the number of spreads as necessary.
  7. Now you need to choose which Album / Storybook you want and pay for it.
  8. Once we receive your order we will email you simple instructions on how to transfer your images to The Wedding Album Boutique via the internet.
    Send your ‘Hero’ images first then send the other images for the album.
    If you just want to bring your images into the The Wedding Album Boutique in Enniskillen then that is no problem but remember to only bring us copies and not the originals. Keep the originals safe at home.
  9. We then design your album and then upload it to a proofing website page where you can make any changes that you want. The first edit is included in the price. Any further edits will be charged at £5 per image. Additional spreads are POA.
  10. Once you have approved all the pages in your album it will be sent for production and then delivered direct to you.