About Us

The Wedding Album Boutique interior

The Wedding Album Boutique is a part of Ken McBride Photography which is based in The Buttermarket, Enniskillen, N Ireland.

You can view his work over at KenMcBride.com

Ken has been photographing weddings and designing albums since 2007 and over this period has gained valuable experience.

Weddings for decades have always included a wedding album which as you know became an important heirloom for each family.

Today technology has changed things and wedding albums have morphed into different products. First of all we had ‘Images on Disc’ packages and then ‘Images on USB’. Now we are looking at ‘Images on the Cloud’ packages.

All these latest packages are being replaced with new tech that will become obsolete in a short period of time, leaving couples with nothing tangible to hold in their hands to remind them of their wedding day. Unfortunately some couples are finding it's easier to lose a disc, USB or a password than it is to lose an album.

Albums/Storybooks are a form of technology that have stood the test of time and are definitely not showing any signs of going away. Wedding Albums are becoming quite sophisticated pieces of work (Storybooks) and have grown with the times but photographers are cutting their costs to the bone because of competition and choosing not to show the latest albums to their clients.

We still do most of our learning from books, so this is the tech to use to tell your family how this chapter of the family started.

Your wedding album will become an incredibly important heirloom and we need to start re-engaging with it. You will hear of couples regretting that they didn’t have a proper photographer at their wedding or not getting an album put together. I’ve never heard anyone say that they were delighted that they didn’t record their wedding in any way.