What is the difference between a Page and a Spread?
A spread is an open book in front of you with a left hand page and a right hand page equaling one spread or another way to look at it is as a double page spread.

Can you explain the different paper options during the ordering process?
Depending which album you will be ordering there may be different print finishes available. With the story books the different option are Lustre which would be the most common print finish that you would see today which has a slight matt look. Cotton Smooth is a white based subtly textured fine art print finish. Velvet which is a Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Velvet photo paper. Personally I think the Cotton Smooth finish looks stunning.

Do you have an easy way that I can send my photos to you?
Once your payment has been processed for your album we will email you a quick easy link where all you simply have to do is select the images that you want in your album and then click transfer and that’s it.

My images are taking forever to upload. What can I do?
Sometimes the speed of the internet in your area can dip and it seems that the images will take forever to upload. If that happens then email us and we will get it sorted out one way or another.

What is the best image format to send?
Jpegs are the most common format used by photographers these days and that is the format that we use. If you photographer has used a different format then ask them to send you your images in a jpeg format. If you are not sure what format your image files are then send them through to us and we will pick it up when we initially check your images in. 

What happens when you receive my images?
We will have a quick check to make sure the file are suitable. Sometimes you may have just received what is called a low-res version of your images from your photographer which look fine on your mobile device but may not be suitable for printing in one of our albums. We will let you know if there are any problems and guide you on how to sort it out. 

What is your advice with the different background colours and matt colours?
With the story books you have a choice of Black, Grey & White background options to choose from. The matted albums only have a choice between Black (Charcoal) & White. The main thing to remember is that these colours will not clash with any other colours in your images so it’s really a matter of personal choice. The most popular background colour would tend to be white which follows along with the white dress theme of most weddings.

How many photos make a good album?
It all really depends on what way you think. Visually I think that a max of 6 images per spread work well. More than that and things start to get squashed. If we think that you you may need more spreads we will contact you before we start the design but if you are happy enough then we will go ahead.

Can I look at the design of my album before it goes to print?
Of course you can. In fact we can’t send your album to print until you approve the design. We will send you a link so that you can look at a virtual version of your album online. During this first edit which is really easy, you can add notes to pages or individual pictures and tell us what changes you want to make. Here is a link to the video showing you how to do this. The first edit is included in the price. Any further edits will be charged at £5 per photo. Once you have approved all the pages, we will send the album to print straight away.

Can I add more photos to the album?
You can send some more images during the first edit but any received after that will incur an additional charge of £5 per image.

Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your album and receive a full refund if we have not started the design.
You can cancel your order at any time before your album is approved by you during the proofing process, but understandably at this point a significant amount of time has been spent designing your album and a design fee of £125 will need to be deducted from your original order amount and the balance returned to you.

Can I send my album back if I don’t like it?
Your album is a custom hand made product that you have ordered and approved the production of. It can’t be sold to anyone else so unfortunately we can not accept returns under these circumstances and can not offer refunds either.

Do you do any Photoshopping?
Unfortunately not. Any Photoshopping should be completed by your photographer as they are the creators of the images and we don’t want to infringe on anyone's copyright. On the point of Copyright, can you make sure that you have permission to print or otherwise use your own images. Details should be in your contract.

Can I get smaller duplicates of my album for my parents?
Yes you can but only with the Storybook albums. This can be done when you order your the album. If you haven’t ordered any duplicates during the initial order we will check before the album is sent to print to see if you want to order one then because your parents may have seen the proof and indicated that they would like one. Great gift idea ;-)

How long does it take from approval until I receive my album?
You should receive your album within 21 days from you approving your album. This time frame may extend in the run up to Christmas as this is a busy time of the year.

I live outside the UK. Do you ship overseas?
Yes we ship overseas and shipping is Free. Once your album is on it’s way you will receive tracking details so that you can check its progress. Could you make sure that your shipping address is an address where someone can sign for the delivery.

What are your shipping charges?
FREE world wide and tracked as well.

Do you have any advice regarding long term storage of my album?
When you receive your album it will be packaged for the rigours of international distribution. What I would advise is to keep the inner cardboard packaging. Your album will be out on display for a few months so that you can show it to friends and family, and after this period has passed you should repackage it to the same standard that it arrived and then store it in an area where it will not experience severe temperature changes such as in the attic. Attics can be torture chambers for wedding albums. We store our wedding album under our bed so that we can put our hands on it straight away if there is an emergency at the house. It’s also handy for us to bring it out and look at it every now and then.

What happens if my album arrives damaged?
Take photos of the damaged packaging before you open it. If the outer packaging is damaged the goods inside may be OK but if the goods inside are damaged as well then take photos on your phone and send them to us straight away, so that we can get things sorted out as soon as possible. The images and details of the damage must be sent to us within 48 hours of signing for your delivery. You will need to return the damaged goods to us before a replacement is sent out. We will arrange for your album to be returned to us. Your album has to be perfect. It’s as simple as that.

Can you design albums for other occasions? 
We certainly can and it’s a relationship that we would love to continue with you after your first album with us. In fact we have a lovely idea for big anniversaries where we can have an album created to mark say a 50th Wedding Anniversary. When these events approach the question you will probably ask is what do you get someone who has everything that they need. Our answer is an album following their family life with the first images in the album from their own wedding and then images from each one of the children born and them growing up. You could then add images from their childrens weddings and then following all the grandchildren born along the way. The best thing about this idea is the price could be shared amongst all the children and it would mean so much.