Blog 9 - Who is the secret VIP at your wedding

Weddings undoubtedly take a lot of planning with different suppliers and vendors involved, but who is the VIP at your wedding that you probably never even thought of. The best way to find out is to run through the day and all the events that happen at a normal wedding.

Wedding Dress: You will travel the length and breadth of the country looking for that one dress that makes you feel extra special. Once you have your dress picked you will go for a final fitting and alterations session before collecting it. The person that you bought your dress off more than likely will not be attending the wedding.

Hair & Makeup: Your hair and Makeup will take a few hours in the morning and it will be all hustle and bustle but it will be completed before the ceremony.

Flowers: You will choose your flower arrangements with your florist prior to the wedding and they will deliver them on the morning of the wedding. Later on, the main arrangements will be moved from the ceremony location to the wedding reception venue either by the florist, but more than likely by a member of their staff and that is the last that you will see of them.

Clergy / Registrar: They will meet you at the ceremony location and conduct the ceremony in front of your invited guests. Once the ceremony is over, that is them more or less finished apart from maybe the clergy saying grace before the meal begins. 

The Cake: Your wedding cake will be delivered on the day of the wedding to the reception venue probably without even seeing the Bride & Groom and the that's them finished.

The Events Manager: The will meet you on your arrival at your wedding reception venue and present you with a glass of champagne. They will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible during the meal and make sure that the room is turned around, ready for your evening entertainment and then that's them more or less finished.

Evening entertainment: The band / DJ will then take over until the end of the night and then that's them finished.

Everyone plays an important and crucial part in the successful running of your wedding day but who is the most important one. It's the person you have forgotten about!

The Photographer: I know you are probably saying 'Of course he would say that' but let me explain.

Providing they are professional in their approach, they will meet up with you at your ceremony and reception location if they are unfamiliar with either, prior to your wedding. They will run over everything with you that will happen on the day.

On the day of the wedding, they will start photographing at the bridal prep. The florist, hair and makeup will come and go. The Clergy / Registrar will conduct the wedding ceremony and then they can relax and leave subject to 'Grace'. The photographer will continue to photograph.

The Photographer then does the main bit between the ceremony and the meal. Before or after the meal they will photograph the speeches and the cutting of the cake. The photographer will then stay on and capture the first dance and then they can finally relax.

Everyone has played an important role in the success of the day but as you can see the photographer has been by your side every step of the way on the most important day of your life. It doesn't end there for the photographer because your album needs to be designed and delivered.

I hope this shows just how important it is to research and choose a professional to do the job right and make a success of your day. It's too important a task to leave to someone without any real experience. This could also be applied to a similar extent to your Videographer.

Remember the only tangible things that you are going to be left with after the wedding are your Wedding Dress and your Wedding Album.