Using the photographer for this one thing could relieve some pressure

Buttonholes to Church

Today’s quick tip is something that you may not have thought about but it could take the pressure of someone before the ceremony begins.

During the morning preps at the bride's house, all the flowers could arrive there including the Groom's which could be fine but if the flowers arrive late then the problem arises of how to get his buttonholes to the Church for the Groom and everyone else in his party.

If your photographer is photographing the bridal preps and then going to the Church/ceremony location to photograph the Groom and his party prior to the ceremony, then take advantage of their journey to take any last minute or forgotten items with them.

I have often come across stuff that needs to go to the Church (especially flowers) and by volunteering to take it, it has relieved a bit of pressure which is something that I always want to do (within reason) so that I can keep everyone as relaxed as possible which results in more relaxed photos.

The key takeaways are:

  • If there is something last minute that needs to get to the Church/ceremony location then use your photographer's journey as a way of getting it there.
  • Ensure that the flowers are separated according to who is getting ready where and delivered logically i.e. groom and groomsmen at the Church along with the flowers for the Church.