Should you wear them or not? That is the question

Bridal shot through Grooms Sun Glasses

We're talking about accessories such as Sunglasses and watches mainly for the groom.

Regarding sunglasses which could be necessary on a bright day especially for the blue-eyed amongst us, but here are my thoughts about them. Casual photos no problem. Formal photos, I think they should be taken off as they, in my opinion, could ruin the look, but you could get some with them on if you want to cover all the bases.

An interesting photo is a photo reflection of the bride as in the image in this post.

Watches are an ideal prop to use for some of the grooms prior to the ceremony as they tell part of the story such as what time the ceremony was at.

A quick bit of research reveals that sunglasses can be used by some to hide emotions and can also be used as a prop by someone seeking anonymity (Secret Service) which backs up my reasoning that they should be off for the formal photos. Simply put, don't partially cover someone face on possibly the happiest day of their life.

The key takeaways from this are:

  • Sunglasses off for the formal photos and be mindful of anyone with reactolite types of lenses in prescription glasses and plan accordingly.
  • Use the groom watch as a prop for the storytelling of the day.