Blog 10 - Lady and the Tramp

After photographing so many weddings I have seen a lot of different styles and setups. One thing that I can near enough always guarantee is that the bride will look stunning. She will fit her dress perfectly and will look the part.

Then it's off to the church/ceremony location and you meet the groom and his party who generally will be 'Suited & Booted'. Generally, everything will look fine but quite often there are little things that could do with a bit of tidying up. This is the one time where the groom should look 100% but there are so few resources out there for them to use during any research that they may do.

I often see ties that are out of line where something that would cost 50p could have fixed that. I see shirt sleeves sneaking out of the bottom of a jacket sleeve where something that costs a couple of quid (£2) would take care of that. I see trousers that could have done with the length being re-adjusting for less than a tenner (£10). Jacket sleeve lengths can also be easily adjusted. If the groom is wearing their own suit and it's off the peg so to speak then spending an extra £50 could make it fit perfectly and look far more expensive.

It's all about the fit and these little things that can make a huge difference that the guys don't know about. It takes a lot less effort for the groom to look really sharp at a wedding than you would think and it doesn't matter what size they are either. That is why I give these tips out each week so that I can improve the visual appearance of what I am photographing at a wedding. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Finally to motivate your groom to pay a bit more attention to their side of the preparations then tell them that you don't want anybody to look at your wedding photographs in the future and thinking to themselves, 'Lady and the Tramp' would be a good title for that photograph.